Janssen Partners, Inc. is an Investment Banking Firm dedicated to building successful growth-oriented companies, while guiding our investors to superior financial returns. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing financing and strategic advice to emerging growth companies, with a focus on the biotechnology, healthcare, alternative energy, Internet, and technology industries.
  • Offering exceptional investment opportunities to sophisticated institutional and individual investors by partnering them with high-quality emerging growth companies. These companies have the potential to gain leadership within the fastest growing sectors of the market.

Our Philosophy

Literally thousands of companies offer extraordinary services, unique products, or have patented technologies that can and have changed the course and quality of our lives. Janssen Partners, Inc. specializes in identifying these extraordinary companies long before they may emerge as industry leaders. During their early stages, many of these companies require substantial capital for growth and expansion, and need strategic guidance to bring their companies to the next level. Janssen Partners, Inc. assists these companies by providing them with sufficient financing, strategic advice, and introducing them to our network of institutional and individual contacts.

Members:  FINRA & SIPC

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