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AnchorFree, best known for its flagship software, Hotspot Shield, has just raised $52 million in series C financing from Goldman SachsAnchorFree was founded back in 2005 to provide consumers and businesses all over the world with access to the nation’s largest secure private network of free high-speed Wi-Fi. AnchorFree’s simple but effective model drives valuable traffic to online businesses by delivering highly relevant advertising to its users.

In 2006, Janssen Partners, led by its chairman and CEO Peter Janssen, secured AnchorFree $6 million in “Series A” investment financing. In addition Janssen put together the all-star board members and management that made AnchorFree what it is today. Notable investors included Bert Roberts, former chairman and CEO of MCI; Richard Rainwater, president of Rainwater, Inc. and Russell Cleveland of RENN Capital Group, Inc.

Under the leadership C.E.O. David Gorodyansky and the guidance of Bert Roberts, Greg Coleman and Russell Cleveland, the company was able to use the $6 million in funding to aggressively develop products and intellectual property that led to it becoming the largest free virtual private network. AnchorFree’s rapid growth and market position allowed the company to raise an additional $5 million in “Series B” funding, with Janssen Partners participating as sole agent, launching AnchorFree into the market position it is in today.

AnchorFree has been downloaded by over 60 million people across the globe and is continuing to grow rapidly with over 100 million monthly user sessions and more than two billion page views per month. Recently it has become increasingly relevant as individual users across the board are demanding more anonymity and freedom as countries crack down and increase censorship.

With Goldman Sachs investment and participation, the position of Janssen Partners and its investors is looking very promising and AnchorFree is on track to be the next big hit in the tech industry.